Led by Apostle Joshua Giles and Prophetess Dee Giles, we have become known for our powerful deliverance services, insightful teachings, and impactful prophetic ministry. With a vision to see individuals set free from spiritual bondage, we believe in the power of God to break chains, dismantle strongholds, and bring supernatural breakthroughs.

Featured on prominent TV networks, our ministry has gained recognition for its profound impact as one of the fastest growing in America. We have authored best-selling books, empowering readers to walk in their spiritual authority and experience a life of purpose and fulfillment.

In addition to our deliverance services and teachings, we also focus on equipping and empowering kingdom entrepreneurs, helping them align their business endeavors with divine principles and experience success in their entrepreneurial journeys. Join us as we continue to ignite revival, activate destiny, and set the captives free.

The Angelic Encounter That Sparked It All

I was visited in 2020 by an Angel with a direct assignment. In this visitation I was told "You shall cause the greatest revival seen since the 80's, it will be bigger than Brownsville. You will start in Orlando, Greenville SC, West Palm Beach and to the nations. 

Our mission is clear: to train, equip, and activate individuals, empowering them to walk in a life of spiritual power. Our focus is on revealing their unique assignments on this earthly journey. Through imparting knowledge, wisdom, and a deep connection with the Spirit, we will unleash a force of believers who boldly embrace their God-given destinies.

This revival will ignite hearts with an unquenchable fire for God, ushering in supernatural encounters, breaking chains of bondage, and awakening nations. Together, we will birth a movement where worship, prayer, and pursuit of God's heart lead to the greatest revival witnessed in decades, leaving an indelible mark on all who encounter the King of Glory in this extraordinary outpouring of His Spirit.


God has revealed to me a powerful mandate through the scripture in Psalm 24:6-10. This generation, those who earnestly seek Him and His face, shall witness a remarkable transformation. The divine instruction resounds: "Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter." Who is this King of glory? He is the LORD, strong and mighty, invincible in battle. We are called to create a ministry of "ENTRANCE," to prepare the way for His majestic presence.

As a King enters a room, a distinct sound and atmosphere precede His grand entrance. Through the anointing bestowed upon us, my wife and I have been chosen by God to release that sound—the sound of entrance for the King of Glory. With this sacred calling, the Lord Himself will manifest in the earth in unprecedented ways.

Some among you have already sensed the Lord's prompting to sow into this vision. For those who have yet to discern His leading, I urge you to seek His guidance. Your obedience in supporting this mandate will yield an abundant harvest of souls. These lives touched by your faithfulness will be cherished in Heaven and accounted for in your own eternal reward.


We are needing partnerships financially in this as we expand our reach globally. Prayerfully consider sowing toward this move of God!

All funding will go towards outreach. The greater the reach, the more impact we can have on this generation. We are in the process of opening up 3 Apostolic hubs and as you know there are a lot of details that go into the establishment of an area. We will reach a reach a tremendous amount of souls in the region of these hubs. My vision is to train, equip, activate and send out. God has called us to a establish a new "sound" and change from the system of the old wine skin to a new one.

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