As an apostolic and prophetic voice, I have a mandate from God on releasing a reforming fire into the world and a heart to win millions of souls. When God first called me, I audibly heard His voice. I knew that I would be released for an appointed time. As most of you know, God taught me the "Secrets To Encountering Him" as detailed in my book. A true encounter with God will mark your life and YOU will never be the same again. God is calling His children to truly "Encounter" Him. This is the time that you will not only hear about it, but you too will experience and encounter the Lord!


God gave me this scripture when He revealed to me the mandate.

"Such is the generation of those that seek him, who seek His face,O God of Jacob. Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter. Who is the King of glory? The LORD, strong and mighty; the LORD, invincible in battle. Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter. Who is the King of glory? The LORD of Heaven’s Armies— He is the King of glory." Psalm 24:6-10

The generation that seeks His face shall have this! What happens after we seek His face? It is found here,"Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of glory enter." God spoke to me and said "YOU are to create a ministry of "ENTRANCE."

When a King enters the room there is a specific sound, a specific atmosphere that is created before HIS grand entrance. God has called my wife and I to create that SOUND. The sound of entrance for the King of Glory. With this anointing He has blessed us with, the Lord shall be ushered into the earth in a new way!

Some of you have already said the Lord is calling you to sow into the vision. For those who have not yet, I am asking that you pray and see where the Lord is leading you because the souls that will be won because of your obedience for this mandate will be accounted into your life and treasured in Heaven.


The first thing we will be plowing toward is creating Apostolic training hubs in various regions. The Lord spoke to me to create these hubs to train, equip, activate and send out. Making true disciples knowing their function, assignment and office they carry and walking it out in the harvest. Most churches are FILLED with people who just sit in pews and never fulfill there calling. Most are rejected by leadership because leadership DOES NOT truly understand the function of the five-fold ministry and its vitality to a healthy body of Christ.

God has opened amazing doors for these venues. As we speak, we are finalizing the details in most of these places. There is also a high demand for this anointing in these areas that God has opened for us. Many confirmations to cause an explosion of Holy fire in these regions along with the supernatural doors that have opened. Our first locations will be in Orlando, FL, Clemson,SC and West Palm Beach, FL with the expansion of another one shortly.

I will also have access to an amazing TV and recording studio that is helping us create broadcasts for our LIVE viewers around the world and the creation of Firebrand Global Network, so they too can partake in activation and training. Multiple recording albums will also be in the process of being produced in this place very soon.

Through the years, God has taught me the mysteries found in the scripture that bring you into a deeper dimension of His glory. He also, through this time period, anointed me heavily in the the business marketplace. I was labeled "Trainer to the rich and famous" and owned the #1 training studio down the street from the president. In this season, I walked hand and hand with Millionaires and Billionaires. I did deliverance, made them renounce strongholds and shook the lives of many who CANNOT be reached unless God launches you there. This was all for the glory of God! Within that time, God set me up with connections to President Trump, Bill Gates and more. God was able to solidify a relationship with a top patent lawyer to pursue my inventions that God supernaturally downloaded to me for the sports and medical world. All of this is in process for one reason, SOULS!!! It takes finances to reach the lost. The bible says money answers all things. This grace is strong in my life and anyone who partakes in it will receive an impartation.


We are needing partnerships financially in this as we expand our reach globally. Prayerfully consider sowing toward this move of God!

All funding will go towards outreach. The greater the reach, the more impact we can have on this generation. We are in the process of opening up 3 Apostolic hubs and as you know there are a lot of details that go into the establishment of an area. We will reach a reach a tremendous amount of souls in the region of these hubs. My vision is to train, equip, activate and send out. God has called us to a establish a new "sound" and change from the system of the old wine skin to a new one.

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